Feathered Eden Aviary

Group Educational Programs

Please note that these are not the same as a parrot show.  We do not bring birds to perform tricks on cue.  In fact many of our parrot guests are rescues.  The goal of this program is to educate you on the realities of sharing your life with a companion parrot.  The ups, downs and in betweens!  We will bring some birds, with a few that you may be able to handle.  You will be provided with care, diet, species and behavioral information.  There is no fee for not for profit organizations and schools.


Private Educational Consultations

Planning on adding a parrot to your family?  Have you adopted a new parrot companion?  We offer a private consultation where we will come to you and answer questions on care, diet, behavior ect...There is a fee with this service unless it is for a registered animal rescue.