Feathered Eden Aviary

Wing Clipping

Wing clipping is a very controversial subject.  I agree that there is nothing more spectacular than seeing a parrot in flight!  Who are we to take that away? 


However parrots that live captively in our homes are exposed to many danger that they do not encounter in the wild.  Dangers such as ceiling fans, ovens, open windows to name just a few.  Imagine how you would feel to see your beloved companion fly out an open door and in to the beak of a hawk?  It can and does happen! 


I do not clip wings to prevent flight, only enough to limit flight.  Parrots should still be able to fly short and low distances even after clipping.  If not then the wings have been improperly clipped.

Nail Clipping

Nails should be clipped regularly (every 6 months approx.)  Overgrown nails can cause serious problems for a parrots ability to perch correctly and even stand.  Likewise nails that are clipped to short will interfere with your parrots ability to perch at all.


Small Birds(budgies, cockatiels,small conures ect..)

Tame: $10.00

Wild: $15.00


Medium Birds: (large conures, senegals, indian ringnecks ect...)

Tame: $15.00

Wild: $20.00


Large Birds(Amazons, pionus ect...)

Tame: $25.00

Wild: $30.00


Extra Large (Macaws, Cockatoos ect...)

Tame: $35.00

Wild: $40.00


Prices are for wing and nail clilpping.