Feathered Eden Aviary

Hand Feeding Services

Hand fed babies sell a lot faster and easier than parent raised.  They are also re homed less often.  However the risks involved with hand feeding are great if you are inexperienced.  Some mistakes can be fatal or have long lasting effects.  Aspiration, crop burn, infections and splayed legs to name a few.  All of which can be easily avoided if proper procedures are followed.  Never sell babies out of nest un weaned unless to an experienced hand feeder, this is a very dangerous practice often resulting in death or suffering for the baby. 


We feed Hagen Tropican Hand feeding Formula.  We also abundance wean babies on to a well rounded diet of Hagen Tropican High performance pellets (please tell us ahead of time if you have a brand preference), seed, nuts, vegetables, fruits and grains. 


Babies are socialized with children and handled daily, being exposed to the noises and activity of normal family life!  They are encouraged to play and explore life making them wonderful companions.  We also now offer harness training of your babies, it is an excellent way to be able to safely take your birds outside during warmer weather.  We use the aviator harness, the safest harness on the market today!

Please contact us for a price quote as pricing varies with clutch size, species and age.