Feathered Eden Aviary


Maggie is our gender confused male amazon.  He was wild caught and pinioned so will never fly.  He is not tame, but I am able to handle him when needed.  He enjoys the occasional head scritch and loves to chat.  He is my closest companion!



Sam is our senior Orange Winged Amazon.  She will soon be turning 43 years old.


Peek is our Umbrella Cockatoo.  We adopted him as a feather picker and this continues to be a struggle for him.  We are winning the battle though.

He is a sweet and affectionate parrot who loves to sing and talk and play.  He is truly a ball of mischief!




Cleopatra is our black capped conure and a real ball of action.  She is feisty and bossy and a real joy to watch.  Her favorite toys are wiffle balls and Tim Hortons Coffee Cups!



Clarke is a wild senegal, but a joy to watch him play and listen to his quiet noises!